How submit a game works.

You contact us with screen shots, and a brief description of your game. We contact you and arrange the signing of Non-Disclosure Agreements . This is to protect both parties. And a chance to give us a list of what we can and can not release to the public.

We will give you a written assessment of the game after we tested it. Allowing you to do as you wish with the game before you release it to the market. Once your game is released to the market, the over all game rating will be posted under the review section with an assessment. This will help potential buyers make an informed decision on their purchases.

We have 100 game testers with preferred game genres. These individuals are experienced gamers and have made it known that they are after fairness and quality.

We require at least 2 weeks of testing to give an accurate review. Our testers will try everything and then test the integrity of the program and balance.

Our testers have one thing in mind.


The areas our tester review are as followed.

1. The Game Concept.

How well was your game designed. What kind of story line, how well is the story line written. What kind of game play, how intuitive is the game and the artificial intelligence elements, and we test the balance of the game.

2.User Interface

How easy is it to use the game controls, how immersed a person can get into the game before the UI causes a distraction. The quality of the UI. How well was the coding written for the UI.

3.Game Play

Checking FPS on different types of cards and computer specs, giving reports of which is the most recommended system for those on a low budget. How the game feels during live play. (ie how well does the mesh respond to mouse and keyboard input, how well does it move in the environment)


We understand that there are different types of graphics from post processed cartoon like worlds to realism. What we look for is glitches like blank areas, mismatched UV, lighting and interaction.

5.Pregame and Lobby Experience.

We test the quality of communication and team balancing, and how people communicate with one another.

6.Hack Preventions.

Some of our testers are known hackers, and they will do everything they can to disrupt the game, and give accurate details what they did and how they did it. So you can make the effort to fix problematic issues.

We want your game to be successful, and for you or your company to make a reputation for making quality games. Now gamerzden.org is a non-profit company, the testers still require some form of compensation for giving up their time to test a new game out and to give honest reviews. We ask that the first year of your (one year) we get 1.5% of your gross. There is no money down, just a signed agreement that you will be required to fill out before we begin the actual testing, saying we will be paid one time payment from your first fiscal year gross.

Things we will not do.

1. Help you directly with the production of your game. (we will test it and give our honest unbiased input only)
2. Advertise your game. (we want to remain unbiased, and strictly about the quality of all games)
3. Write articles about your game. (Only a simple review for the sake of new purchases.)
4. Favor games and give positive critique unless it is deserved. (this is why we make it a flat one time fee so we don't appear to be bought off)

If you agree to this. Please use the form below.