The Den of Gamerz and Game Developers Uniting for the Soul Purpose of Enhancing the Gaming Experience

The goal of our company is to promote gaming on several levels. The first is to ensure quality. Allowing the players to immerse themselves into the world created by developers. With a combined effort between players and developers.

The second is to unite the creators to help one another along their endeavors, creating dialogue and peer support. We have found that communities where developers share their work, and their techniques enhance the skill sets of fellow creators.

The third is to create a network where certain areas of development are readily available to the developers. Sound FX, Graphics, Network Coders, Server and Database Specialist etc.

The fourth is to open up communications with marketing companies, and convention leaders to promote awareness and sales of upcoming games.

Last but not least, the fifth, creating a database of contractors who will work for a fee or otherwise.

Prefered Engines of Gamerz Den

A list of Engines we Support:

  • Unreal Engine 4
  • CryEngine
  • Hero Engine
  • Source Engine